Shocking Details Of The Suffering Of A Former Afghan Detainee In UAE

A former Afghan detainee narrated shocking details of his experiences of arbitrary three-year detention in UAE prisons, which he described as more severe than previous 13-year detention experience in the notorious American Guantanamo.

The former Afghan detainee, “Hamdallah Tarh Khail,” said that he was arrested six months after the fall of the Taliban emirate in 2001, and was taken to Bagram base, and from there to Guantanamo.

The Lord Khale, who arrived at his house in Kabul last week, after the release, added that the 13 years of prison in Guantanamo were “more merciful” than the three years he spent in the Emirates.

You see that he was one of the tribal leaders who helped the Americans when they entered Afghanistan, but that was not to intercede for him, and after 13 years he was acquitted and given the choice of any country he moved to, so he said to them: “I am a Muslim, I prefer any Arab country, such as Qatar or Oman Or the UAE, what is important is to be a Muslim country. ”

He continued: “After a while, a lawyer came to me and said to me we agreed with the UAE, and you have to leave for it, so I said good, God willing, the important thing is that I leave Guantanamo, and they told me you cannot return now to Afghanistan, and if you insist on that, you will stay in Guantanamo for a while. long. So I preferred the UAE as a Muslim country.”

He added: “A woman came to me who said she is from the US State Department, and she explained to me the situation in the UAE. She told me that she will stay in the UAE for only three years without allowing you to leave, then you can go anywhere you choose, including Afghanistan. And I talked about a six-month rehabilitation and counseling course, and during the first two months my family comes from Afghanistan to visit me, and after six months of that they will provide housing and food for me and them, while providing everything we need.”

He added that the UAE violated this agreement, and it was lowered and others in the city of Al Ain, and after welcoming the sweet words of officials, foreign soldiers took him to a prison supervised by guards from the Philippines, who dealt with them brutally.

He continued: “The distance between my cell and the bathroom was no more than five meters, and to go to it we also have to take off our clothes and handcuff our hands and feet and cover our eyes, and we have no right to stay in it for more than five minutes, and often they allow us only three minutes, and when we are late they open the bathroom door By force”.

He added: “The dealings were insulting and cruel with all the meaning of the word, and after two weeks of this suffering I asked them to send me back to Guantanamo or any other country, I do not want to stay in the Emirates, we were enjoying some of our human rights, at least, we were getting good food and the medicine we needed And the torture we received in Emirates prisons, which we did not see at Bagram base or Guantanamo, is this a Muslim country? ”

After a year and a half of ill-treatment, he was transferred to a better prison, he added, “I don’t think the United States asked the UAE to treat us with this humiliation and cruelty. We did not get good food, and I still suffer from back pain due to imprisonment, despite the doctor’s recommendation for surgery, without response from them. ”

He continued that after contacting his family, an official delegation from Kabul visited him, before they were released, except for a colleague, and the UAE kept him until his health and psychological condition improved, in order to preserve his reputation.

Hamdallah concluded his imagination by saying that he is about to file a lawsuit against the United States and the Emirates, and even the Afghan government that did not ask about him as a citizen, he said.

The American forces had arrested “Terah Khel” six months after the fall of the rule of the “Taliban” movement in Afghanistan, and after that he spent 17 years of detention at Bagram, Guantanamo and an Emirati prison.

It is worth noting that Al-Razin prison is called the Guantanamo Emirates, due to the severity of the torture and violations suffered by the prisoners inside, which prompted many international human rights organizations to demand its closure, as well as the request of UN representatives by the UAE authorities to allow the United Nations to visit these prisons, headed by the sober, to check on the lives of the detainees.

Source: Emirates Leaks

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